Runes Reading by Sushmita

Runecasting is not “fortune telling”. Runecasting works with the subconscious. The pouch and its symbols represent the universe and all its possibilities. As the question is raised one must focus ones thoughts on that question so that the runes being select are not “truly random” as they are choices of your subconscious.

Even back in Viking times, there was a remarkable under- standing of the human psyche. They recognized the relation- ship of cause and effect and how all thing are interconnected. The nature of these relationships is called “word.” Vikings also had a different view of “fate.” Today we use fate as an excuse to be helpless and establish pre-destination. How- ever, the viking used fate as a term to describe the future result of your past actions.

A “Runecast” is traditionally done to address a particular issue by examining the past, the current situation, and what the results will end up being if one follows the path one is currently on. However, the future is always mutable, as the future is changed by the actions we have taken, and are about to take. The purpose of a “Runecasting” is to examine our actions in the past to determine where we are headed, and ultimately, whether we want to “go there.”

A runecaster does not see the future. He/she examines cause and effect and points  to develop a likely outcome. It’s not supernatural. Instead it is a methodology for examining the path one is on and what the effects might be, by making use of one’s subconscious (i.e. an “intuitive perception”), unfettered by limited conscious belief systems.

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