Aalma Crystal Therapy


Healing stones are worn for Good luck and Prosperity. Apart from that Healing stones are also used to cure several Physi- cal, Psychological and Meta-physical disorders. Healing Stones have powers to cure Depression, Migraine, Hyperten- sion, Hormonal Imbalance, Diabetes, allergy, sinus, Asthma, Skin infections, Anemia, Arthritis, Indigestion, acidity, in- fertility and several other mental and physical illnesses and disorders.

Healing Stones are also beneficial in the treatment of diseases related to Blood, Skin, Lungs, Liver, Kidney, Heart, Repro- ductive system and Immunity.


How Healing Crystal stones work?
Healing Crystals are naturally formed and thus possess Natural Powers, Aura & Healing Properties. Each healing crystal has unique Frequency & Energy level so can be used for heal- ing benefits is chosen properly. Healing crystals should be chosen carefully as per the problem & purpose for best results.

Do Healing Stones have any side-effects?

However, Healing Stones do not have any negative effect. Healing stones give only positive results. They can be worn by anyone without fear of any ill effect. If you like a particular healing stone, you can just wear it without worrying about any side-effects. This is the reason that Healing Crystal jewelry is so popular all over the world.

Why Different People suggest Different Healing Stones?

There can me multiple stones, which can give similar effect. For Example, For Hypertension Problem, one can wear Blood Stone or lapis Lazuli or Black Tourmaline. Wearing either of them will benefit in hypertension cases.

Therefore, Different people may suggest different healing stones for same purpose.

How to choose a Healing Stone from the multiple options? Make a list of stones which are suitable for you, with respect to your specific problem. You will notice there can be multiple options to choose for each requirement. Have a look at them. The Stone that pleases you, attracts you the most and suits your budget too, is the one you should buy. Wearing a healing stone does not require too much of analysis. Listen to your heart, try to feel the vibes of the stone and the one that attracts you, is the one you should wear.

“You don’t choose the Gemstone, The Gemstone chooses you”

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