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Pyramid Healing

Pyramydology by Sushmita

Great Pyramid was a gift by thousands of workers, engineers, astronomers and architects. How had they lifted the huge square blocks to a height of 480 feet above the sea level without using cranes or ramps is a wonder. So perfectly they fixed one stone upon another that hardly could a paper be inserted in be- tween them.

Scientist discovered that there is a close relationship between the external forces and the physical, chemical and biological changes, found inside a pyramid. When kept in a room, a small pyramid, through the energy accured at the one third of it height, can purify the polluted air, kill germs and keep the dwellers sound and healthy.

Similarly, a pyramid placed on the office desk begets energy, dynamism and peace. In fact, the room is changed into a source of energy.

Let me enlighten you with all what we can do with baby pyramids.