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Miracles of Shiva’s tear- Rudraksha

Power Remedies – Rudrakhsa healing

Rudraksh is very important in Hindu religion. The fruit is known as Rudraksha, and so is the tree. The tree is very often found in the hilly regions of Nepal, Indonesia, Java, Sumatra and also Burma. The fruit is brown and sore in taste. But Rudraksha is known for its magnificent spiritual values. And benefits for mind and the body are also numerous.
On adorning a Rudraksh, a tremendous power is invoked, so one can fight diseases and also improve the overall health. The body’s constitutions are strengthened, so blood impurities are all removed and body substance strengthened.
Some of the ailments for which the Rudraksha becomes a must are headaches, cough, paralysis, blood pressure, heart diseases and also maternity problems. The personality becomes calm and charming.

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