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About Aalma

Aalma is a spiritual health&wellness service organization founded by Sushmita Gulabani. It is a place where the journey of inner healing and transformation begins. For thousands of its followers, this is where possibilities come alive and new lives are created.

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I had a fantastic experience with miss gulabani. She was in tune with me and where I wanted to go with the reading, how I was feeling and the guidance I needed. I was open with my questions, not knowing exactly what I wanted to know and came out feeling like I had direction and more sure of myself. She gave me confidence in the path I was taking, helping me to trust my intuition and my feelings and to be true to myself.

Thank you – I will be back! ❤😊

Nikhil Garg

“Session with Sushmita was practical and i got real feedback about how to best deal with situations in hand. She is good in her intuitions and providing solutions to situations and problems.

Everything she said to me during the session was like knowing my innerself and she gave different dimensions as to how I should perceive them.

Looks like I have to do another session with her very soon. Highly recommended.”

Dharmani Manu

Sushmita is a wonderful person and has a sense of calm and ease that surrounds her. Her dedication and seriousness towards the sessions / readings is second to none. At the end of the session you would be amazed at the accuracy of the predictions and the thoughts that you are left with to ponder upon. Wish Sushmita and this touching initiative, Aalma, super success in the days to come.

Sujoy Basu

” Sushmita is an amazing consultant. She makes you comfortable and suggests whats best for you. Highly Recommended. “

Akshay Chawla

” Sushmita is an excellent consultant with absolute genuine knowledge and accuracy, I was seeking guidance with regard to buying my house in Melbourne, her expertise really helped me through not only in India but making life easy abroad, can’t thank her enough to help us sail through without any difficulty as a family ” Great work

Naaz Suraiya

“ Sushmita knows her part v well. She’s highly intuitive and catches pain points instinctively. Before coming to aalma I didn’t know chakra balancing could really sort so much for me. Tarot sessions with Sushmita has always been v comforting, her tarot sessions were thought provoking and the solutions were pragmatic to implement. Knowing her, well she’s fab at whatever she does with full conviction and so I highly recommend Sushmita aka aalma – the inner voice. ”

Taanvi Kaushal

About Us

Aalma is a spiritual health&wellness service organization founded by Sushmita Gulabani. It is a place where the journey of inner healing...

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